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Dongguan Xulong Automation Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional trading company specialized in servo motor, servo drive, frequency changer and planetary gear reducer. The products are widely used in various kinds of CNC machines and automation equipments, the high quality, competitive price and good service has gained praises and good reputation from our customers.
HXDWH Servo Motor
Wuhan Huada New Type Motor Technology Co., Ltd is a new high-tech enterprise, the predecessor of which is the New Type Motor factory of former Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). Relied on the technology advantage of HUST , Huada accomplished the R&D, manufacture and sales of six-phase reaction stepping motor in 1970’s as well as three-phase hybrid stepping motors in 1990’s, and it was the first company that launched the three-phase hybrid stepping motors that driven by sine-wave current in China.
HXDWH Servo Motor has been widely used in CNC lathe, CNC engraving machine, CNC grinding machine, packing machine, printing machine, non-woven bag machine, stock cutter, CNC bending machine, CNC glass machine, CNC wood-working machine and welding machinery, etc. SBF drive is the standard drive of Huada moto, the servo system has the high use stability, high quality, competitive price, low complaint rate and sales service, which has gained great reputation and trust from customers
K/IK series drive &  CDK Servo motor &CDK  planetary gear reducer.
K series AC servo drive is the latest generation of high cost-Effective products.the servo drive is the one customized for the HXDWH &CDK servo motor and with a rich product line. At present, All K/iK series drives for 2500-line incremental type, 17bit & 23bit absolute value with can bus communication,220v& high voltage 380V, dual analog control, servo turret control with multi-function are with the high stability and in volume production. it’s based on world-leading hardware platform and the control section uses the 32-digit hi-performance DSP with the feature of high-speed response and precise positioning.It can mach open-loop & closed loop control system, the single-axis position control and inside speed control is built-in. It also uses the international leading DSP processor and IPM for motor, which has the feature that high integration, small volume, high safety protection and high reliability. CDK uses the optimal PID algorithm to accomplish control of PWM, and the feature has reached to national advanced level .
K/ik Series servo drive, servo motor and planetary gear reducer have been widely used in CNC machine, packing machine, textile machine, printing machine, robot hand and automatic production line. The products with high stability and mainly be exported to Europe, Russia and Southeast Asia.


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